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Development and publication of domestic cases

The case method is an important method for fostering future operators and managers. The NCCU College of Commerce has long been devoted to promoting the case method in teaching and has spared no effort to develop domestic cases and cultivate faculties for case teaching. In view of the lack of Chinese business cases in both quality and quantity terms for business and management education in Taiwan, the college thus built a case promotion platform—Chengchi Business Case Center (CBCC)—in 2014 to call for original business cases. In addition, to encourage faculties to develop different types of cases and to improve the achievement of case teaching in Taiwan by strengthening domestic business practice and local case development, CBCC has established the CBCC Advisory Board with professional committee members reviewing entries. Welcome faculties in different fields to contribute papers to CBCC. CBCC has gone live officially. Current, there are 15 cases (as shown in Table 13) covering strategic management, corporate accounting, and organizational and human resources management. These cases were completed by faculties of the NCCU College of Commerce through industry-academia collaboration or business sponsorship.