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Credit Programs

Foreign Language-Based Business Administration Credit Program

The Foreign Language-Based Business Administration Credit Program is an intercollegiate business program with a curriculum committee composed of faculties with related expertise from the NCCU College of Commerce and the College of Foreign Languages and Literature, with the associate dean for teaching of the NCCU College of Commerce and the dean of the Foreign Languages and Literature as conveners. Field required courses will be offered by the NCCU College of Commerce and the College of Foreign Languages and Language in support of the interdisciplinary learning policy of NCCU to provide students with more learning opportunities, enable foreign language students intending to become international business administrators to develop professional business and management competencies and connect with society and industries in earlier times. In addition to good foreign language communication skills, foreign language students wishing to become an
all-round international professional manager must equip themselves with the fundamental knowledge in related functions. Incomprehension of management and industry characteristics and in lack of knowledge in human resources, organizational structure, cost, and finance will keep you away from being a professional manager.

The aim of this credit program is to equip foreign language students with a business and management concept and the basic theory in related fields. Therefore, it is a program with fundamental courses relating to business administration designed for foreign language students wishing to be an international professional manager. This program is available for freshmen to juniors who are not students of the NCCU College of Commerce and must have a good command of at least one foreign language.

The curriculum is composed of required courses and field required courses, including Accounting, Economics, Statistics, Management, Business English, etc. A student must complete 20 credits of the said required courses and field electives before they are awarded a program certificate. Since the program was offered in semester 2
academic year 2012, 172 non-business students have applied for the program. The required course credits of the program are 20 credit courses, including 14 credits of required courses and 6 credits of field required courses.

Global Government Procurement Program

The Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA) is a plurilateral agreement (effective only for GPA signatories) under the WTO framework. As Taiwan is a GPA signatory, if the amount of government procurements in the market-opening list reaches the threshold, Taiwan must allow other GPA signatories to bid for the procurement. Likewise, other signatories will open their government procurement markets to Taiwan suppliers based on the principles of reciprocity and non-discrimination. Currently, there are 41 GPA signatories, including the USA, Canada, the EU, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

The main objectives of this credit course include culture and language understanding, transnational communication and negotiation skills, understanding of related laws and regulations, and business intelligence development. If students
enrollingto this program can understand better the culture of GPA signatories, improve their communication and negotiation skills, and understand GPA related regulations, the status of the global government procurement market, and its marketing and management strategies from this program, this program can help them prepare themselves for connecting with the world in earlier times and improve their future employability.