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Case method through enterprise collaboration

The NCCU College of Commerce has earned support from many enterprises for promoting industry-academia development with the case method. The Advantech Foundation brings substantial and positive influence to society through industry-academia collaboration in order to discover talents and innovate learning. In 2013 the NCCU College of Commerce and the Advantech Foundation co-launched the Chinese Business Case Sponsoring Program to encourage case writing and case method promotion in Taiwanese enterprises, in order to improve the overall quality of case teaching in business administration and enhance the effectiveness of industry-academia collaboration. The Advantech Foundation has invested NT$5 million in five years for collaboration with the NCCU College of Commerce. It is estimated that the fund will be sufficient to sponsor Chinese case development of five local enterprises each year. In five years, a total of 25 high-quality Chinese business cases will be produced in Greater China. Apart from offering case service for the Harvard Business School of the USA and the Ivey Business School of Canada, the NCCU College of Commerce and PERDO aggressively cultivate Chinese cases in domestic enterprises.

In addition to sponsoring business case development, the NCCU College of Commerce and PERDO encourage senior faculties to engage in
case development with junior faculties in order to cultivate faculties for case writing and case teaching. Cases completed under the program will be licensed to CBCC to become publications of the NCCU College of Commerce.

To extend the effectiveness of the case method, the NCCU College of Commerce and PERDO proactively solicit enterprise investments and involvements, in order to strive for more resources in case cooperation. In addition to completing projects of 25 Chinese cases with the NT$5 million in five years sponsored by the Advantech Foundation, we systemically and actively develop models for collaboration with other enterprises, including the case collaboration with Unitech Electronics including a series of courses and a number of business case collaboration projects in
discussion. Through case collaboration, we hope to establish partnership with benchmarking enterprises across the strait. Apart from accumulating the business case output of CBCC, we aim to help enterprises find out energy for innovation and improvement through in-depth recordation and review. In the next three years, apart from continuing Advantech’s sponsoring program to finish five business cases each year, we will aggressively source other resources and establish collaboration with more enterprises in order to output more successful cases on the CBCC case platform. We will also continue to develop case writing and cultivate faculties for case teaching. Currently, the Advantech Foundation has promised to support the Case Method Improvement Camp organized by the NCCU College of Commerce to cultivate more instructors for case writing and case teaching in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. In the future, we will hire a postdoctoral case contributor to assist with case writing in order to enhance the efficiency and improve the quality of case outputs.